Have you asked the question, why should you do ground cover instead of sod? One great reason is it is “low maintenance”, sod can require a lot of maintenance, constant watering, and fertilizer as well as pesticide.   There are (2) types of turfgrass we use the most in Florida.  Bahia grass which is a drought-tolerant grass with minimal pest and disease problems and low nitrogen requirements. This means it doesn’t need as much water or fertilizer – but does still requires some. Secondly, St. Augustine grass – which has a higher demand for water and fertilizer and can be affected with chinch bugs and fungal diseases.

Here are a few Florida Friendly plants that can be used and have environmental benefits such as water conservation and provide food for wildlife.

Frogfruit – phyla nodiflora


It is actually native, only grows to about 3 inches, and can be mowed.  This plant is drought and flood tolerant.  It may go dormant in the winter but will come back.  It is also a host plant for a couple of butterflies: buckeye and white peacock.

Perennial Peanut – arachis glabrata

perennial peanut

This is not native and grows 6- 8 inches tall and can be mowed.  It is drought tolerant once established and is spread through underground rhizomes.  It may also go dormant in the winter and come back.  Animals like horses, goats, and rabbits do like this.

Sunshine Mimosa – mimosa strigillosa

A native to Florida, low growing and butterflies love the flowers.  Also drought tolerant, needs no fertilizer and spreads fast and may need a barrier.  This can also be mowed.  May go dormant in winter and come back.

There you have it! We do hope that you’ve liked our article and answered why should you do ground cover instead of sod. For more useful landscaping articles, visit our Blog. If you would like to contact us for a landscape design quote, go to our Contact Us page.