With the advent of COVID, we have experienced a lot of challenges and difficulties. Landscape design has been one of the best solutions for some people because they mostly spend time indoors. Relaxing in your garden, seeing the beauty of flowers, trees, birds and butterflies leads to elation. During the pandemic, all of us would like to save money and on this episode, we are going to talk about, “How Much Does Landscape Design Cost” to help you plan and incorporate landscape design for your home.

What is Landscape Design?

First, let’s tackle what a landscape design is. It is simply the art of arranging the features of an area of land for practical and/or aesthetic reasons which is divided into two major components, the first one being softscape (the living element which include flowers), and the other one is hardscape (the nonliving element which include pavers, borders and water features.)
An intricate landscape design definitely will increase not only the enjoyment of a home, but the actual square footage of valuable usable space. With extensive planning and professional installation, outdoor living areas can be an excellent investment that everyone will definitely appreciate and ad value to your home.

How Much Does Landscape Design Cost

There’s no one answer fits all scenario for landscape design since there are a lot of factors that will affect the cost of the landscape design. According to professionals, you should spend 10% of your home’s value into landscape design as it is one of the surest ways to increase the value of your property. Generally, a full landscape design will cost you around $600 to $6,000.
The price of a landscape design has a lot of variables including:
• Size of your property
• Elements you want to include in the design
o Patio
o Water feature
o Arbor
o Outdoor kitchen
o Lighting
• Fees charged by your chosen horticulturist or landscape designer

If you are on a budget, we can always do things in phases. For example, let’s say you wanted to do new plants all around the house—we could do just the front, then later do sides, and then back at different times. It also would depend if you want old plants ripped out or if you have trees that you want to remove. We can work with what you have and do a few plants for spring to bring a pop of color that will give curb appeal. Also, if you want to incorporate, irrigation, outside lighting, and curbing, these would cost more.

Annie of Tending To His Garden, is a certified horticulture professional through FNGLA so we understand the right plants for the right location. Rest assured that you are in the hands of a professional who knows landscape design pretty well and has the passion for it too.

Benefits of a Landscape Design

Yes, you will spend money on a landscape design but the benefits that you will get from it are priceless. The value of your home will definitely increase when you incorporate a landscape design for your home. Also, your property will look much better and more attractive.
These are the other benefits of a landscape design:
• Have a healthier home by filtering pollutants and providing cleaner air
• Get a beautiful environment to decrease you and your family’s stress levels
• Stay cooler during summer and warmer in winter
• Studies have shown that looking at plants and trees can lower blood pressure

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